Section 294, Indian Penal Code

(The Indian Penal Code does not mention the term ‘eve-teasing’ but complaints against
eve- teasing are generally filed under this section.)

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Any of the following acts will come under eve-teasing:

    - Saying obscene words in a public place

    - Singing an obscene song in a public place

    - Doing any obscene act in a public place

    - Cat-calling a woman in a public place

    - Passing sexual remarks against a woman in a public place

    - Whistling at a woman with sexual suggestions in a public place

    - Making vulgar faces or gestures at a woman in a public place

All acts of eve-teasing will broadly come under this section. If eve-teasing is combined with something more serious, like molestation, trying to disrobe, stalking, etc., please look at individual sections under Sexual Harassment.

For examples of eve-teasing and sexual harassment, see What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment.


The punishment for eve-teasing is imprisonment up to 3 months or fine or both.

Nature of offence:

Cognizable Bailable


Please see What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment and Police Complaint.


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