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Pinklegal Talks

Pink Legal Talks is our wing where we conduct various talks, workshops and focus-group discussions on women related rights and issues. Our founder, Advocate Manasi Chaudhari, has conducted Pink Legal Talks with various reputed institutions such as Indian Oil Corporation, CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), Carmesi, IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology), Pratisandhi, etc.

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Pink legal Talks Partners

  • Carmesi
  • Cii
  • prathisandhi
  • indian oil
  • thrive

Praise for Pink Legal Talks

"It was extremely informative but at the same time concise and graphical.. as a whole it was cheerful! It is great to understand such a critical topic with fun but at the same time without losing its essence and gravity."

- Purvi Tank, Ahmedabad
Pink Legal's Webinar for Teens