First Point of
Action for Sexual

Take a photo: If you have your phone, and if the situation permits, take a photo of the harasser/vehicle number secretly. This will be helpful when you report the offence to the police.

Move to a safe crowded place where the harasser cannot trouble you. For eg- a restaurant or mall

Write down the details:

Tell someone you trust about the incident. Send them your live location so they can track you.

Write down the details: Write down all the details about the incident such as time, place, date, how it happened, how the harasser looked, etc. These details will help you when you file your complaint with the police.

Report the matter to the police. In many cities, the police have a dedicated WhatsApp number to report crimes against women. If not, you can go to the nearest police station. Read about how to file a complaint here .

For further details and tips on how to respond to different types of sexual harassment, see " What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment ".

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