Quick Guide for
Teenage Girls


1. If someone threatens to share your private photos/videos, it is a crime. Don’t be scared, report the person immediately. See "What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment" for details.

2. Date rape (raping someone by drugging them and causing temporary memory loss) is a form of rape and is a crime in India. For details, see Rape.

3. The age of consent for sexual relations is 18 years. If you are under 18, any sexual intercourse will be considered rape (whether or not it is with your consent). For details, see Rape.

4. Sexual harassers are not always strangers. They can even be known people like friends, uncles, etc. See "What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment". for details

5. If someone stalks you or troubles you on social media, it is a crime and will amount to Cyber Bullying and Stalking .

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