Quick Guide for
Married Women


1. Demanding dowry is illegal. If your in-laws/husband take dowry, they are supposed to handover the dowry to you. (For further details, see Dowry)

2. Domestic violence can be physical (like hitting/slapping) or mental (like taunting/blackmailing) or economical (like not giving you enough money). Do not tolerate domestic violence. (For further details, see Domestic Violence)

3. Every married woman has the right to financial support from her husband, especially if she is not working. This is called maintenance. (For further details, see Maintenance)

4. Every married woman has the right to live in her matrimonial house. No one can ask her to leave the house. (For further details, see Right to Stay in Matrimonial Home)

5. Any jewellery, cash, etc. that you get as gifts is your Stridhan. Only you have rights over your Stridhan and no one can take it away from you. (For further details, see Stridhan)

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