Project Nyay'ri only seeks to provide friendly, informal, legal and mental health support to women in need. Our services should neither be considered as professional services nor as a substitute for professional legal advice or mental health counselling. This is a pro bono (free) service being offered out of goodwill, for the purpose of social service.

Who are we?

"Nyay'ri" is a combination of two words - 'Nyay' which means justice and 'Nyaari' which means endearing and unique. Through Project Nyay'ri, we want to uplift and empower women through a unique three-fold process. We provide women assistance on legal awareness, mental health support, and peer-to-peer groups.

The core principle of Project Nyay'ri is to make legal awareness and mental health support accessible to women. We aim to do this by removing one of the fundamental barriers that hold women back - lack of financial affordability. Therefore, all services under Project Nyay'ri are offered to women pro bono (i.e. free of cost).

We hope that through this Project, we enable women to feel empowered enough to make informed decisions to seek justice. We are with you on this journey.

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Through our legal awareness support, we help women understand their rights and the actions they can take in any particular situation.



We use mental health support to help women heal from within and feel confident about standing up for themselves.


Support Groups

Our peer-to-peer support groups create a strong, close-knit community for women to learn from each other's empowering stories and share their experiences.

We believe that legal rights do not operate in a vacuum. If we want to encourage women to seek justice, we also need to empower them from within to be able to take action and stand up for their rights. Hence, we chose this unique combination of services that tie-in together to uplift women holistically.

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Our Founders

Advocate Manasi Chaudhari
Founder and CEO, Pink Legal
Manasi Chaudhari is a lawyer who is passionate about women's rights and gender equality. She is the founder and CEO of Pink Legal - India's only digital platform that educates women about their legal rights. Manasi is the recipient of the 'Legal Entrepreneur of the Year 2020' by the Business World Magazine. She also assisted Justice DY Chandrachud in the Supreme Court on the landmark judgments of Section 377 and entry of women to the Sabarimala Temple.
Navya Naveli Nanda
Founder, Project Naveli
Navya Naveli Nanda is an entrepreneur and women’s rights advocate. She is the founder of Project, a non-profit initiative, supporting gender equality in India, and specifically focusing on education, healthcare & financial independence. Through this initiative, in an attempt to combat period poverty, Project Naveli has been responsible for building Period Positive Homes in villages based in Maharashtra.

Our Story

Navya and Manasi met on a panel discussion held around the importance of financial independence for women, after which they bonded over their mutual interest in the field of women's rights. After many conversations around financial instability being a core reason as to why women feel under-confident in reaching out for support around legal rights, they decide to create a comprehensive program - one that not only accounts for financial barriers, but also aims to support one's mental health. Manasi's experience as a lawyer, and work through Pink Legal, brought in the experience and understanding around the legal aid required for women to seek justice. Navya's experience at Aara Health, where mental health conversations are encouraged, helped to bring in the holistic solution required to instill confidence in women looking to take action, whilst also allowing them to heal from their experiences. Nyay'ri is the result of their shared passion to empower women on their journey to justice!


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women reached
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N. K
46 years, Bangalore
I had signed up for the legal awareness program through which I had couple sessions with my lawyer, Pooja. She patiently listened to me and the challenges I had been through in 20 years of marriage. Finally listed out the options I have and explained me on how I can legally proceed if I must dissolve the marriage and educated me about my rights during the sessions. This helped me to wisely decide and take control over my current situation. I would like to thank the team for this focused initiative on uplifting women community and bringing a change in the society through these awareness program.
M. M
32 years, Jharkhand
Being a qualified, educated and a woman who has spent most of her adult life alone, I was so naive and unaware of my legal rights. This platform gave me knowledge, support, and courage when I needed it the most. My conjugal life was so disastrous that it made me attempt to even kill myself (I am glad I did not) but now I will fight for my rights, dignity and justice and I'll not stop. It is time I stand up for myself, because if not me, then who, and if not now, then when. I have tapped onto the latent courage in my soul and I'm walking towards justice for myself.
K. S
35 years, Uttar Pradesh
Pooja is a true gem. I took an appointment with her for some legal advice and she explained to me everything in a very sweet and detailed way which no one did till now. I had conversation with her twice and trust me, after having a word with her I felt so relieved, she made me her fan, the way she explained to me regarding my ongoing issues no one did till now. I will reconnect with her. God bless.
A. P
50 years, New Delhi
I have been on psychiatric treatment on and off for a long time. I was introduced by my friend and I spoke to Praneeta for the first time. Few things i like about project nyayari is that I could talk to my therapist comfortably from my home. I was able to discuss everything in length. I do not have to worry about next sessions. The exercise she gave me to do, was brilliant. I was able to pen down my deep emotions. I do not have to worry about the money as its free of cost. The patience my therapist shows to listen means to me a lot. I feel anxious before sessions but when everything inside comes out flawlessly, i feel relaxed. It’s been two sessions with her and I am looking forward for my next session.
M. V
20 years, Karnataka
I took the mental health support, from team nyayri, after which I am feeling confident about my mental health. My counselling psychologist was being so friendly and patient in listening to what I had to say and suggested me different ways by which I could make peace with disturbing situations. The sessions were informal and I felt like I was talking to a friend. Team Nyayri allows us to book sessions according to our convenience and everything is pro bono. This makes us feel empowered. They give importance and respect each one of our privacy and emotions. So, I would happily say that Team Nyayri is the best.
A. V
32 years, Uttarakhand
Project Nyay’ri is doing great work for women's legal awareness. In a country where women are still placed in the far end of the stick, their contribution is of utmost importance. Project Nyayari made me feel heard and understood. It was a relief to finally get some concrete and realistic advice after spending 2 years hunting for legal and mental advice and getting nowhere. Will recommend this to all those women out there!

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